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Why you should ship this Edit


Why y==ou should ship thisEdit

Dolly is the romantic parring of Daniel and Jolly. Dolly is the SECOND best ship in the ship wiki. I think we all know what the first one is. Cough Star x cough Marco Diaz Cough Cough. Jolly is the daughter of Queen Aurora. And they have a kid named Luna. And thare the king and queen of Mewni. And Jolly is the Princess of Mewni.


- In "Crash Landing" Daniel looks almost lovestruck when looking at Jolly.

- In "All Hail The Moon" Jolly tries to cheer Daniel up because of his recent brake-up with Emma.

- In "All Ready To Late" Daniel questions his friendship with Jolly.

In the same episode Daniel and Jolly share the're first kiss.

- In "I Didn't Touch It" Jolly kiss's Daniel on the cheek.

- In "Royal Traditions-Part 1" Jolly proposes to Daniel.

- In "Royal Traditions-Part 2" Daniel says yes and they get married.

- In "A King Is Born" Daniel and Jolly have a kid named Luna.

- In "Battle For The Planet-Part 2" Daniel and Jolly hold hands while walking into the light.


- OMG! are you ok?

- WOW!

- YES! My ship it cannon! Woohoo! Ya!

- umm...

- I'm sorry I know this might be awkward.

- A Ship From The Gods!

- John Cinnamon?

- Michael Jakesim?

- Bob Carly?

Feel free to make your own quot ,)